Stobickan Publishing LLC
Publications for the transformation of leaders and their organizations

Strobickan Publishing promotes transformational leadership by soliciting, encouraging and assisting authors and speakers who will make a significant contribution to leadership development through publications.

Strobickan will continue to develop videos, manuscripts, studies and processes that enhance the church driven by the following VALUES:

1. Christian: The empowering reality of the Risen Christ is the source of this organization’s transformational focus.

2. Creativity: This organization honors the freedom of expression that fosters creativity, imagination, innovation, originality, and resourcefulness

3. Engaging Process: This organization engages the leader through an interactive and experiential process.

4. Systemic Learning: This organization benefits from the knowledge of a systems approach to learning. Everything is connected through the One who “holds all things together”. This guides our thoughts and actions.

Kurt Bickel is a Church Coach with Cornerstone Consulting. He is an Author and the Owner of STROBICKAN PUBLISHING LLC. As a Church Coach, Kurt provides consultation for faith-based organizations in the areas of Preparation for the future, Staff Development, Aligned Governance, Meeting Planning and Executive Coaching.

He is the author of several books including, “Till We Meet Again” (2008) with Rich Bimler (Strobickan, Orlando)  Get Active -- Active Teaching Ideas for Lifetime Learning” (1997), ”Funtastic Family Nights” (1998) and “Lasting Friendship Skills". (2000) with Carol Bickel (Concordia Publishing House, St. Louis).  “Getting Along With Parents” (1990) )Group Publishing Loveland, CO).

As the owner of STROBICKAN Publishing LLC, Kurt has extended his servant leader opportunities. Strobickan is an extension of Kurt’s coaching and consultation with churches, which is committed to God’s empowerment process for His Church.

The name STROBICKAN comes from the last names of Cornerstone Consulting members. Les STROh, Kurt BICKel and Daryl PichAN.  The Cornerstone Factor ™ is the primary theory and model for their consulting work and contributes significantly to the current and future publications. 

He has served as a Director of Christian Education for the Lutheran Church in Missouri, Ohio and Florida from 1973 to 1994.   In 1988 he received the Lutheran Education Association’s Master Team Award.