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My Spiritual Journey
My Spiritual Journey
Our Price: $6.00

My Spiritual Journey — A Guided Meditation for the Saints of God 
Written by Ann Eissfeldt, Rick Armstrong and Kurt Bickel

John Wesley often asked his preachers, “How is it with your soul?”  It was a great question then. It remains one today. 

My Spiritual Journey — A Guided Meditation for the Saints of God will guide you through a 24-hour personal spiritual retreat. It is a resource to help you stay on the energizing, exciting, interesting, life-enhancing side of your calling as an ambassador of Christ and his love to this broken world.
Timeless Truths in Twelve Words or Less
Timeless Truths in Twelve Words or Less
Our Price: $7.00

Timeless Truths in Twelve Words or Less is a beautiful book compiling 39 simple, timeless truths that will help guide your life and your organization. These truths come out of Les Stroh's more than 40 years of experience as an educator, trainer, executive, manager, consultant and entrepreneur.

Each truth is set in a beautiful photograph and includes a story or illustration to help bring the timeless truth to light in your life. Two or three questions are included with each Timeless Truth that can be used for personal reflection or as discussion starters for meetings and other group events.

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8" x 8" softcover. Full color. 48 pages.

Till We Meet Again
Till We Meet Again
Our Price: $12.95

Down with “meeting bashing”! Meetings are an opportunity for participants to gather to remember who they are and to be intentional about the ministries that the Lord has given all of us to carry out.

Kurt Bickel and Rich Bimler have teamed up to provide you with a resource that will renew your group work and reinvigorate your meetings. Kent Hammerstrom has created fun and meaningful images that will make your committee smile.

This 8.5" x 11" format book is full of both practical information and actual meeting activities that will help your group align toward and accomplish its purpose.

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Structure Your Church for Mission
Structure Your Church for Mission
Our Price: $14.95

"Your organization is perfectly designed to achieve the results you are getting."

If you are not getting the results you desire, perhaps the problem is in the very structure of your organization. A car can have a great engine, but if the engine is not connected to the drivetrain that car is going to go nowhere because there is a problem in the way it is structured.

Many churches are filled with great people committed to the work of God’s kingdom, yet they seem to be going nowhere. Your structure may be holding your church back.

Read Structure Your Church for Mission to understand the concepts of aligning your governance and operations for mission, and to learn practical strategies to STRUCTURE YOUR CHURCH FOR MISSION.

8.5" x 5.5"    122 pages

Cornerstones for Christian Committees
Cornerstones for Christian Committees
Our Price: $15.00

Building great relationships within a group is vital to achieving a high-performing committee.

Cornerstones for Christian Committees
will help build those relationships in a Christ-centered way with two-dozen sets of openers, scripture discussions and closers.

This ebook is available for immediate download and includes rights to photocopy pages as needed for use in all your meetings.

$15 is a super bargain when you consider the reproduction rights!

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